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Video Testimonial from Jill Galano....watch video HERE!

"Louise is positive, supportive, and gives me clear actions to take. She is good at recognizing a persons strengths and how one can leverage those strengths into something fruitful."...."I've since landed my first contract in a long while and also my first client in months. I'm also being considered for a number of upcoming assignments where the potential clients have told me they were impressed by my background, resume and professionalism."

Christina Chan

I have a full client roster, my income is 5x what it was, and I am earning more in 20hrs per week than I did at my full-time 9-5. I have launched a mentorship program that was a far-off dream 3 months ago, and I am confidently in my offerings and abilities.

Kate Wratten

I wanted to give a shout out to Louise Edu!  She is an amazing coach who empowers and brings success to her clients and fellow ladies int he Mighty Boss Moms group.  She understands where our needs and pain points are as Mompreneurs.  She always provides great resources and those resources are just right for us.  (Not crazy stories like...make 6-7 figures within a month type of stories.)  She truly cares about the ladies in this group and as a result...her group is a very engaged group.  The ladies who are in this group are all helpful.  We all learned from Louise about how to serve by giving.  Thank you for what you do.

Emiko T. Rasmussen

Louise helped me to get crystal clear when thinking about how I approach my business.  We discussed very specific topics, during our time together, and she really gave me new perspective and insight.  I am so grateful for my time with Louise, our conversation has already made a huge impact on my business and my confidence.

- Allison Hardy, Self Care Coach

My work with [Louise Edu] and my personal life coaching sessions were aimed to help me focus on achieving a better work life balance.  As a mother who works full time and owns several side businesses, I was being stretched thin and as a result felt lost and overwhelmed.  I was thrilled after my first session and began to see life (and work) in a completely different perspective.  The experience was beyond my expectations in terms of mapping out my personal and work goals and beginning the journey toward achieving true work life balance.  What I appreciated most about my sessions were the realistic approaches to managing my time.  I began to think of life in a way that I never had before and for that I am eternally grateful.  I'm excited to implement the tools and knowledge I've gain from these sessions, as I work toward achieving a balanced life.

- Michelle Lange

Another great coaching call with Louise Edu! And Louise, just 5 minutes after we hung up, I got my first Santa Cruz financing lead! Cheers to more! I don't use Twitter, but this feels like a <hashtag: manifestation> moment. =)

- Alicea Cock-Esteb

I just want to say that Louise Edu is an amazing coach! She just helped me figure out like three major blocks in my life! Highly recommend her if you are feeling stuck in any area of your life. So powerful.

- Kerissa Kuis